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Step into the Park

   一、Brief Introduction of the park

  Tianjin E-commerce Industrial Park belongs to Tianjin Jingjin E-commerce Industrial Park Co., ltd. Wuqing is located between Beijing and Tianjin, the core of Beijing - Tianjin,Binhai New Area comprehensive development axis, and also an important node of Bohai economical circle.

  In recent years, the e-commerce industry has taken the rapid developing trend, and the proportion of retail network has increased year by year. Wuqing region, as the node that radiates North China, with its obvious location advantage and convenient traffic conditions, gradually become the e-commerce industry that radiates North China and Northeast China, etc. At present, Alibaba, Dangdang, 360buy, Suning Tesco, Vipshop, Moonbasa, Gome, Amazon,VANCL, which a large number of e-commerce enterprises have gradually settled in Wuqing.

  Basing on the reasons of global competition and in-depth cooperation, the domestic economic transformation and upgrading, e-commerce will gain vigorous support policies, and e-commerce industry will also grow rapidly. In order to integrate regional resources, and service e-commerce industries orderly, Jingjin e-commerce industrial park that located in Wuqing district emerges.

  Jingjin e-commerce industrial park is located in the northeast of Wuqing district, is the municipal industrial park that approved by the Wuqing government to be established in August. It is 71 kms away from Beijing, 90 kms from the capital airport, 40 kms from Tianjin, 71 kms from Tianjin port, 45 kms from Binhai International Airport. Perimeter with convenient traffic network that includes shipping, airway, railway, and highway, from which turn North China's distribution to the lowest cost, the fastest speed, and attract more online customers. The good location and convenient traffic conditions make Wuqing be the excellent area for investment that facing Jingjin.

  The park has always been adhering to the principle of "service to others is development to our own", to provide one-stop office, all in one service for investment enterprises.

  In addition, the park's supporting service facilities are perfect, which can provide high-grade catering, accommodation, meeting, shopping, leisure, entertainment and other services.

  二、Planning of the park

  1、 The park's planning and construction

  The park has carried on the high standard infrastructure construction. At present, the bone road network, water supply and drainage, communication, electrical lines, broadband network have all on through, which has achieved achievement of "eleven through, one flat". The park is planning to open doors of IDD line and the digital communication center with 60,000 doors optical fibre installation capacity, which can provide the settled in enterprises with high quality voice and data communication.

  Jingjin e-commerce industrial park is divided into two stages of development, the first stage covers an area of 2 square kms, mainly for industrial land, warehousing logistics and public service. At present, 360buy, Vipshop and other large business enterprises have settled in the industrial park, and there are many e-commerce enterprises and their supporting enterprises in communication. The second stage is reserved land, which located in the west of Baowu road, covers an area of two square kms.

  The south of the first stage has built a headquarter of 41,8209 square meters' area which is divided into A, B, C, D, E five regional development. Area A is the integrated public service center, covering an area of about 95,000 square meters; Area B is the base of large electrical headquarters, covers an area of about 310,000 square meters; Area C for the life and the matching area, covers an area of about 75,000 square meters; Area D is the underline trading commodities and the underline experience area, covers an area of about 40,000 square meters; Area E is the development and planning area of the park, covers an area of about 130,000 square meters.

  Functional instruction of headquarter's each regional area:

  Area A, integrated public service center, functions include: villages and towns' building area economy, small e-commerce incubator, small e-commerce warehousing, customs, commodity inspection, digital creativity, website construction, software development, website optimization, substitute operation, network brand promotion, logistics and distribution, business and finance, electronical payment, third party trading platform, safety certification, credit services, consulting research and other derivates enterprises, which can provide one-stop service for the business enterprise.

  Area B, the base of large electrical headquarters, functions include: large e-commerce enterprises in headquarter, small e-commerce enterprises in office area, and electrical underline experience area etc..

  Area C is life and matching area, functions include: white collar, blue collar apartment (1, 2 floor for by street commerce), canteens and catering area, e-commerce training center, data center (cloud computing).

  Area D, the underline trading commodities and the underline experience area, which can open large, high value product experience flagship store.

  Area E covers an area of about 130,000 square meters, is planning and development area. It plans and constructs the e-commerce headquarters and underline experience zone.

  The park's overall planning and location has been completed, which will start to construct in the second half of 2013, the construction can be expected in putting into use before the end of 2014.

  2、The park's perimeter traffic surroundings

  The modern transportation of Jingjin e-commerce industrial park is very convenient, perimeter with Jingjin Tang, Jing Jin, Jing Hu, Jin Bao, Jing Ji, Jing Shen, Bin Bao, Tang Lang, in total 8 highway and 13 entrance. In addition, there is a in buliding Tanglang highway, also known as Jing Hu Ji Tang contact line, which will achieve five seamless connection. There are two high-speed exports next to Jingjin e-commerce industrial park, which makes the industrial park's traffic more convenient.

  三、Services of the park

  1、Enterprises' formalities

  For the enterprises in the park, specialists are arranged for communication by the park, for all pre registration and post project approval, planning and construction procedures

  2、 The establishment of e-commerce business incubator

  Park takes government resources as the core, with the e-commerce development needs to establish specific incubator for small and medium e-commerce enterprises and its matching enterprises' incubators. It provides storage for small and medium enterprises that with potential development, and help enterprises finance secured financing who needs loans.

  3、Perfect the e-commerce system

  Take the park's industry cluster advantage to build a perfect e-commerce system, around the e-commerce industry, successively strengthen including warehousing and logistics, financial services, payment transaction and other supporting enterprises.

  4、E-commerce talents' training work

  Tianjin e-commerce industrial park help enterprises recruit professional e-commerce talents, at the same time, help enterprises training more of their own, to provide free expert lectures and related information.

  5、Coordinate the relationship within enterprises

  To strengthen the joint work of the enterprises in the park, to avoid vicious competition, which make the enterprises in the park achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit, and comprehensive development.

  6、Enterprise's promotion

  The park will irregularly hold park and business promotion meeting, to help the enterprises in the park for brand promotion, and has specialized enterprises display platform in the park CMC.

  7、Legal Protection

  Help enterprises apply for patents, copyrights and trademarks, establish the developing strategy of intellectual property rights, coordinate various types of intellectual property disputes; irregularly carry out legal training, and provide quality services.