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The first Personal consumer electronic invoice successfully launched in Tianjin

   Personal consumer electronic invoice successfully launched inTianjin e-commerce industrial park on February 18. At the same time, VIP (tianjin) electronic commerce co., LTD. take the city first electronic invoice.Tianjin commissioner Cheng Anting, chief economist Dong Jiye, Tianjin business committee deputy inspector Zhao Guangtong, Wu qing district party committee secretary Zhangyong, warden Luo Fulai, district party committee standing and deputy warden Li Jiancheng, district party committee standing committee, organization department minister Zhou Huijun, management committee director of Tianjin e-commerce industry park, Hu chao-yang attend the ceremony.

  Ceremony, national tax chief economist Dong Jiye introducted, the pushing personal consumer electronic invoice, adopted “the attached code”invoice management model, this model do not need to the tax authorities to bring enterprise of make out an invoice, just need to sales information upload the personal consumption electronic invoice system of the taxation authority, the system automatically to the sales information enclosed invoice code, invoice number, processed form encryption anti-counterfeiting code and QR code, and the various elements on the marketing information collection, according to a standard form in PDF format electronic invoice, transfer to the enterprise, the consumer can timely access to electronic invoices and query electronic invoice information through the network. In the end of ceremony, Tianjin irs invited guests present in the first electronic signature on the invoice, and give the e-commerce industrial park for store treasure.

  The implementation of the personal consumer electronic invoices, completely broke the old artificial recipients and the pattern of using invoices, and realize the “three fast”, “three convenience”, one is the enterprise don't need make out an invoice tickets from the tax authority, can make out an invoice at any time, which reach the company make out an invoice quickly, and at the same time reduce the enterprise brought the ticket, make out an invoice, delivery and other links of human resource, material consumptions cost; Second, the tax authorities do not need to print invoices, do not need to issue invoice, don't need to check the old invoice, invoice management to realize the quick and convenient, save the invoice printing cost at the same time; Third is the consumer in a short period of time through the network information of receipt of the invoice, the invoice information at the same time at any time to view, print, don't need to save the invoice, greatly convenient consumers . Personal consumption electronic invoice system running is a gift to country, citizen, enterprise, is the innovation of the low carbon environmental protection projects, and facilitation of economic activity will play a positive role.

  Tianjin e-commerce industrial park today launched the personal consumption electronic invoice system is enterprises promote the use of electronic commerce in our city for the first time, to improve industry competitive advantage, strengthen the regional soft environment construction, boosting investment promotion and capital introduction; at the same time, it can promote the electric business enterprise to improve efficiency, reduce cost, achieve standardization management. Next, personal consumer electronic invoice will be used widely in personal consumption as the main industry gradually.