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Tianjin municipal people’s congress, a line to Tianjin e-commerce industry park

  On September 2, tianjin Li Yali, deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee, deputy secretary-general Yang Weidong, come to Tianjin e-commerce industrial park for e-commerce logistics industry professional research. The deputy director of the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC)Ma Chaoying, the city commerce committee deputy inspector Fu Wanji, wuqing district party committee secretary Zhang Zong, Chief Executive Luo Fulai, director of NPC Standing Committee Han Shengjun, other accompanying research.

  In the survey, the municipal people's first line visited VIP.COM, JIUXIAN.COM two representative electricity enterprises, to understand the electronic commerce enterprises' development condition and development needs, and pay a visit to Tianjin e-commerce industrial park exhibition center, aim to know the park's planning and construction, investment promotion and capital introduction.

  Subsequently, the municipal people have a development research symposium meeting at the conference room on the fourth floor of Ttianjin e-commerce industry park. On the conference, city business appoint comrade Fu Wanji report on the e-commerce industry development situation in Tianjin; Wuqing China merchants director Xiao Qingdong reported the developing  situation of Wuqing e-commerce industry work.

  Finally, Ttianjin municipal people's congress standing committee and the National People''s Congress fully affirmed Wuqing e-commerce industry's development situation, and separately issued relevant opinions and suggestions. Standing committee, deputy director Li Yali pointed out that the electronic commerce is an important part of modern service industry, is a kind of brand-new commercial mode and consumption patterns. In recent years, e-commerce industry maintained a good momentum of development, which Wuqing has seized the opportunity, and introduced a number of large projects and good projects, and developing in the front of the city. We should sum up experience, fully promoting the further development of the city's e-commerce industry .