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Tian-jin e-commerce industrial park is approved to be Tianjin e-commerce demonst

   "Taking effort to be north China's largest, most complete functional e-commerce industry base". Recently, on the way to realize the development goals, Tianjin e-commerce industrial park that located in wuqing distract, has made a phased victory - the park has been through the strict inspection acceptance, become Tianjin municipal e-commerce demonstration base approved by Tianjin people's government.

  Tianjin e-commerce industrial park is 71 kilometers away from downtown Beijing, 22 kilometers from tianjin urban district, and 15 kilometers from the beijing-tianjin inter-city station. Surrounding with shipping, railway, 6 expressways and 16 entrances and exits, and a tang-lang high speed bridge under construction.

  The total planning area of the park is 52.11 square kilometers, which divided into comprehensive district, high-end manufacturing area, modern logistics area, creative industry area, related industry area, comprehensive bonded zones, and riverside residential area eight business support area. The planning area of comprehensive district is 9.87 square kilometers, which has formed the electronic business district, comprehensive industrial and commercial office in total of 3 big functions. Park go on in accordance with the national standards for the infrastructure, achieve "eleven through and one falt", adhering to the "service others is developing its own" concept, provide for enterprises the professional development platform and housekeeper type security service.

  Park planning and construction covers an area of 620 acres of e-commerce core features, which include: small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprise warehouse office, financial settlement, logistics distribution, customs inspection, data center, call center, high-tech apartment and recreation facilities, which can achieve electricity enterprises' "bag check in", to attract small and medium-sized merchants gathered. In addition, the park also plan and construct e-commerce enterprise's incubator that aimed at small miniature of e-commerce enterprises, with training area and offline presentation experience center, and provide miniature e-commerce with supporting small micro e-commerce enterprise storage area at the same time for cultivation and incubation.

  At present, Tianjin e-commerce industrial park has attracted JD,, Jjiuxian,,,FineEx, and other well-known e-commerce enterprises. WISDOM GROUP,, ochirly, EVE GROUP in total of over 500 enterprises have settled in the park.

  According to the job requirement of "promote the development of e-commerce in tianjin 3 years action plan (2014-2016)", "the Tianjin commission of commerce introduce and cultivate well-known e-commerce enterprise and popularize deepening e-commerce applications three-year action plan (2014-2016)", since March 2014, the city commerce committee launched Tianjin determination of demonstration base of e-commerce. According to "the recognition method of e-commerce demonstration base in Tianjin", the city commerce committee, according to the principle of fair, open, right, by independent declaration, first trial, expert evaluation, finally decided the Tianjin e-commerce industrial park be Tianjin e-commerce demonstration base.