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Enterprise Service

  Tianjin E-commerce Industrial Park is in investment promotion and provide preferential policies for i electronic commerce, logistics, advertising media, transport, clothing and other commercial and service enterprises as follow:

  一、Supporting policies of Tianjin E-commerce Industrial Park

  Support and policy support, for the enterprises entered in the park, we have favorable policy support, and take effort to superior to all over the world, and solve the problem of the heavy tax burden for the enterprises in the park. Quick, low taxes, cash in timely is our service manner.

  二、 Planning scheme of enterprises to enjoy preferential policy

  1, Set up a new company or a subsidiary of the original enterprise enjoy preferential policies.

  2,The original registered address of enterprise change into Wuqing and continue to develop, also can enjoy preferential policies.

  三、Supporting administrative service of the park

  32 departments of administrative licensing service center in Wuqing that the park in, offer "one-stop" office, " one-series of " services. A window accept all kinds of examination and approval. If the enterprise registration and license approval, submit the complete information  and within 5 days after the completion, the enterprise can get the business license、organization code certificate, tax registration certificate.

  四、The convenient operation

  The park provide enterprise a registered address, and assist enterprises to make relevant qualifications, such as "permit for road transport"、 "food circulation permit", and equipped with professional financial personnel responsible for enterprise further tax related matters, which to a certain extent reduce the corporate tax burden. Our philosophy is: service others is the development of ourselves!

  1, Less worry -- all to help enterprise deal with industry and commerce's tax related issues.

  2, Energy saving--enterprise do not need to send personnel to the zone and rush around, submit to tianjin office transition data is only needed.

  3, Save money-- provide the enterprise member a full range of accounting services and planning services, without having to hire a professional financial personnel separately.

  4, Save time-- taxes paid during the month, the neighbor month settlement, which guaranteed the enterprise's capital circulation.